More people see this new site via their phones than any other way !!

 Almost twice as many people look at Smyths Country Attire via their phones, than by ipads, or laptops or desktops. Quite interesting stuff.
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Really big day in the shop selling loads of Barbour's new Spring Range.

 The bright coloured Barbour Summer Liddesdale quilts are selling like hotcakes everyday now and Spring is just around the corner. The 2 best sellers today were the vivid pinks with navy trim & the Fuchsia with Pearl trim look fantastic. I still managed to sell a Classic Navy in the Summer Liddesdale & a mens Chelsea quilt in the distinctive Olive that is unique to Barbour. The new Country print Beadnell is a complete winner, 3 ladies lightweight waxes sold in 3 conscecutive days can't be bad. Anyway, onwards and upwards !
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Just sold a Barbour to Anchorage in Alaska

 I can't believe it, yesterday, Monday we sold our first Barbour to Anchorage in Alaska, a Cavalry polarquilt in brown. just shows how small the cyber world has become.
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Sale to Anchorage, Alaska !!!

 Here's a new one to me, our very first online sale to a customer in Anchorage, Alaska. She bought a supern Barbour cavalry polarquilt in brown.. what a small cyber world we live in.
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